Cecilia Corrigan is a writer and performer.  Currently, she is developing a video project about a beauty vlogger turned aspiring political radical, (with Monica Nelson) as well as a video project about a team of red carpet reporters disastrously covering a contemporary art fair (with Lucy Teitler). She's also working on a new production of her play, Motherland, which opens at the Brick Theater June 24-July 2 (tickets here).

Motherland was created during Cecilia's 2016 Issue Project Room residency. The project consisted of several performances, as well as  serialized  comedy shorts, which responded in real time to the events of the presidential election.  In 2015, she starred with Hari Nef and Alex Karpovsky in the short film Crush, which she wrote with director Katherine Bernard. After launching her poetry book Titanic in 2014 with a series of comedic shows/readings, Cecilia had opportunities to act and perform in plays and films, working with artists like  Steve Buscemi, Cammisa Buerhaus, Corina Copp, and Macy Rodman. She was also commissioned by NYPAC to develop performances for various  downtown  galleries and theater spaces such as LaMama, the Duplex and the Kitchen. 

Of her performances, Felix Bernstein writes, "Corrigan is in a rare league... through parodic bending she becomes too off-kilter to maintain her cutesy appeal... an aesthetic trait she shares with comedic actress Anna Faris and stand-up comic Maria Bamford, but also with a long history of brilliant 'dumb blondes' including Jennifer Coolidge,  Candy Darling, Marilyn Monroe, and Madeline Kahn."  Interview Magazine writes that Cecilia "makes a mess of femininity, peeling off and putting on clothes to shift—what is the opposite of seamlessly? Seamfully?—between tropes lifted from Marilyn Monroe films and Kristen Wiig sketches on SNL, to skits by the Marx Brothers and episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."  Described by the New York Times as an "exhilarating writer," Cecilia's work has been featured in The Village Voice, The New Yorker, The New York Times, 周末画报 (Modern Weekly),  n+1,  Interview Magazine, BOMB, Art and Artforum. She's currently working on a non fiction book about the ice bucket challenge, Mark Zuckerberg's hard nipples, and collective shame, as well as a collection of short stories set inside the minds of celebrities. She's published three books of poetry True Beige (Trafficker Press,) Titanic, (Winner of the Plonsker Prize, Northwestern University Press) and Cream (Capricious Press). After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she was hired by David Milch to work on his HBO show Luck, from 2010-2011. She holds a PhD fellowship in Comparative Literature from NYU.


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